Cap-Rouge Trail

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Cap-Rouge Trail

This trail is located near the lagoon of Havre-aux-Maisons and it's a fine example of the rich diversity of vegetation found in the wooded areas of the archipelago. There is a wide variety of all sorts of shrubs, as well as black spruce and a few white birch. Another portion of the trail is on a marsh and circulation is made possible by a barachois.

Sheltered forest trails. Perfect for all seasons.

Departure: There are 2 starting points. One accessible by the Chemin Cap-Rouge, toward Chemin des Bas (parking). The other, by Chemin du Sentier (near the Barbocheux)
Total distance: 2.6 km
Number of trails: 1
Type of trail: Loop
Difficulty level: Easy
Services: Leashed pets allowed
Free access

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