Dune de l'Ouest (west dune) Beach / Corfu Beach

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Dune de l'Ouest (west dune) Beach / Corfu Beach

A nice beach to walk and often used by windsurfers and kitesurfers. Spectacular sunsets! This beach is also known as the Corfu beach. This is a reference to the shipwreck of the Corfu Island, in 1963. Remnants of the wreckage can be seen from the beach. Be careful around the wreck. 

Length: 8.7 km
Winds: Sheltered from East winds.
Access: at the end of Chemin Coulombe and Chemin Delaney.


Beware of strong sea currents on windy days and the Corfu Island wreck..


Launching sites CAM 4 and 5.


Launching site S6.
Good spot for waves when moderate to strong winds blow from North-Northwest.
Levels: Intermediate and Expert




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