De la Martinique Beach

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De la Martinique Beach

Perfect water fun site for the family with young children. The water is shallow over a long distance from the beach. Overlooking Plaisance Bay, this beach joins Du Cap Beach

Length: 13 km
Winds: Sheltered from Southwest, West and Northwestwinds.
Access by Route 199, connecting Havre-Aubert Island to Cap-aux-Meules Island. Four organized parking lots are available to access the beach.


Parking on shoulder of the road (cycling path) and in sand dunes is prohibited.


Launching site S5.
Suitable for beginners on ocean.
Levels: Intermediate and Expert


The Martinique shoal is one of two sites for this sport on Les Îles. Parking is available near the jetty (km 11). After a storm, this site can sometimes be under water.




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