Hôtel- Château Madelinot

“Because one day we realized that we were so privileged to be surrounded by so much natural beauty that we had no choice but to share it.” - A pioneering Madelinot observer of seal pups on the Magdalen Islands Every year since then, enthusiasts of nature, wildlife observation and photography have travelled to the Magdalen Islands to experience this incomparable nature experience. Looking for a unique winter trip? Need to escape and find some inspiration? The ice floes of the Magdalen Islands are your next destination! Be one of the lucky ones and join this excursion named one of National Geographic TOP 25 travel destinations. Please note that, for the 2021 season, places are limited for those wishing to take part in the excursion. So act quickly and find out about the best options available to you! For more than 40 years, guests have been able to take part in a unique experience every winter - watching seal pups on the pack ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Transported by helicopter, privileged guests from all across the world will have the opportunity to enjoy a Canadian wildlife immersion experience between February 24 and March 9, 2021. This winter adventure is open to everyone. Join us for a unique experience as we watch harp seal pups being cared for by their mothers and take photographs of the faces of these adorable white seals against the backdrop of an endless expanse of ice and snow. The Magdalen Islands are the only place in the world where you can enjoy this harp-seal-watching experience. Not only will you get to watch the seals, but you'll also be awed by the immensity of the unique landscapes you discover and thrilled with the wide range of activities.

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323, route 199
Fatima, G4T 2H6
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 986-2211 Phone : 418 986-2211 Toll Free : 1 855 986-2211 Toll Free : 1 855 986-2211 Fax : 418 986-6437

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Meeting rooms

  • Auditorium

    Theater : 120 personnes
    Meeting : 120 personnes

    Length : 0 ft (0m)
    Width : 0 ft (0m)
    Height : 0 ft (0m)

  • Salle Échouerie

    School : 45 personnes
    Theater : 60 personnes
    Meeting : 60 personnes
    U : 30 personnes
    Banquet : 50 personnes
    Cocktail : 50 personnes

    Length : 24 ft (7.32m)
    Width : 50 ft (15.24m)
    Height : 8 ft (2.44m)

  • Salle Paul Bourque

    School : 60 personnes
    Theater : 120 personnes
    Meeting : 120 personnes
    U : 45 personnes
    Banquet : 150 personnes
    Cocktail : 150 personnes

    Length : 34 ft (10.36m)
    Width : 50 ft (15.24m)
    Height : 10 ft (3.05m)

  • Salle Plaisance

    School : 20 personnes
    Theater : 30 personnes
    Meeting : 30 personnes
    U : 18 personnes
    Banquet : 30 personnes
    Cocktail : 30 personnes

    Length : 15 ft (4.57m)
    Width : 25 ft (7.62m)
    Height : 8 ft (2.44m)

General information

Island Cap aux Meules Island
Nearest Beach De L'Hôpital Beach
Distance from the beach 3 km
We speak Français, English
Additional Information
  • Wireless Internet
Payment methods accepted

Partner establishments

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    Auberge Madeli

    Auberge Madeli (042232) is the business travel experience you deserve : 61 modern rooms, free continental breakfast, business area, meeting spaces. Located nearby restaurants, coffee shops, services and ... easy access to a walking trail along the sea shore (perfect for your morning runs!). Many packages available. Located in the heart of the archipelago, our Auberge Madeli is your perfect place to stay to indulge a great discovery of the Magdalen Islands. Due to the new Quebec Government regulations due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are no longer (since March 18) to serve the continental breakfast buffet style at Auberge Madeli. For that reason, we have opened for you a new space where you find everything you need to prepare a meal and it's open 24/7. A complimentary breakfast box will be offered to you everyday during your stay. Resto Bistro Accents is open everyday from 6:30am to 10:30am and for the evening from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. Located at the Château Madelinot, our seafront hotel (2.4km from Auberge Madeli).

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    Club Voyages Les Îles

    Located directly on the Îles de la Madeleine, the team of Club Voyages Les Îles is the team dedicated to advise you and book your holidays on the Madelinot archipelago. Depending on your needs, we will be able to suggest you a package to meet your expectations, to inform you about the different transportation options to access the Islands and to present different accommodation options. We are a team of passionate travelers but we clearly have a crush on the destination where we chose to live: the Îles de la Madeleine, and it will be a pleasure to make you discover! You need more trips? We will also be very happy to share our knowledge by helping you select your next destination. BOUTIQUE Visit us on site to discover our boutique with its suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags and many other travel items.

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    Nettoyeur Arsenault

    Dry cleaning and laundry service. Alterations.Laundromat and drying (self service). Open all the time.Sanitary supplies. Supplies for hygienic toilets and trailers.

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    Elaine Richard

    When time becomes a tale, the history keeps its word. The ones who willingly sit down and listen will hear hints of strength and feel a sense of pride for her Islands, her story and her heritage. Time unveils itself on stage through Élaine Richard's voice, like a bridge between generations. A journey not to be missed! (In French only.)

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    Resto Bistro Accents

    With its new executive chef Hugo Lefrançois, Resto Bistro Accents aims to be at the forefront of the dining scene on the Magdalen Islands. Specializing in seafood, fish, wild game, beef and local products, Resto Bistro Accents focuses on gourmet cuisine made with local ingredients and bursting with flavours, a treat for both the tastebuds and eyes. Resto Bistro Accents stands out not only for its regional cuisine, but also for its dining room with an outstanding view of the ocean.Contemplate the waves and enjoy the stunning view while enjoying the rich flavours of locally sourced Magdalen Island foods. The Resto Bistro Accents stand out by its capacity to showcase a simple local cuisine, seafood, fish, grill but also, by its outstanding sea view. The restaurant offers great « à la carte» local meals and Table d'hôte, all serve in a maritimes ambiance. Located in the Château Madelinot, the Hôtels Accents seafront experience, the restaurant is open 7 days a week. Extend your perfect evening with one of the local show host at the Accents Amphithéâtre at the Château Madelinot.


This company will be open for business during the next summer season. For more information about their opening hours, contact them directly.

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