Rocher aux Oiseaux (Bird Rock)

Rocher aux Oiseaux (Bird Rock)

This high, rocky islet is located 32 km northeast of Grosse-Île, in the middle of a shipping lane for vessels entering the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Access to this islet is difficult for visitors. It serves as a refuge for colonies of aquatic birds such as petrels, northern gannets, razorbills, murres and gulls. Even though the lighthouse, first lit in 1870, is now automated, the lightkeeper's house and other structures are still there. Even with its difficult access, this rock is one of the most important ornithology sites in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Guided zodiac excursions are available. 

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Since these excursions are entirely dependent on weather conditions, departures and schedules will only be confirmed on the day of the trip.

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