Vent du Large

•• HAVE NO RESERVATIONS? Our terrasse opens at 5 pm upon nice weather. •• RESERVATION NEEDED for meals inside. •• TWO INDOORS MEAL TIMES : 6pm and 8pm •• During the 8pm mealtime, there's one of our famous singer duet with François, the violinist-and-owner. •• And just before sunset, right on the lawn facing the sea, François welcomes you for fifteen minutes of Johan-Sebastian Bach on violoncello. Follow us on Facebook with keywords "resto vent du large" •• François Guay et Isabelle Houle, vos hôtes

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1009, road de La Grave
Havre-Aubert, G4T 9C8
(Quebec, Canada)

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General information

Managers François Guay
Island Havre Aubert Island
Nearest Beach Harbour Beach (Sandy Hook)
Distance from the beach 3 km
We speak Français, English
Additional Information
  • Dine-in service offered
  • Gluten free menu
  • Licensed Restaurant
  • Non-Smoking
  • Parking
  • Public Phone
  • Seal Meat
  • Terrace
  • Wireless Internet
Number of Indoor seating 120
Number of seats on the terrace 90
Price Less than $15
Over $50

Partner establishments

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    Autobus Les Sillons

    Winner of the Gold Medal for tourist services in the 2010 and 2009 National Grands Prix du tourisme, we are the ultimate reference for sightseeing tours on the Islands. Our dynamic team will introduce you to the most exclusive and unique spots on the Islands. Bus, minibus rental, bike shuttle. Winner of Les Grands Prix du tourisme 2011 - Tourist services and 2006, 2007- transport & travel.

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    CFIM - Radio communautaire

    The sound of the Sea, your Island's Radio!   Local community radio airing : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, focusing on local news, interview and musical content with différent community announcements. Mostly French except for a daily hour of English broadcasting (6:00 to 7:00). Office schedule: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to noon & 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

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    Fromagerie du Pied-De-Vent

    Local made cheese fabric. Try the famous "Pied-de-Vent" and the "Tomme des Demoiselles". Pied-de-vent cheese molding demonstration every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am.

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    La Grave - Site historique

    This unique historical site with its traditional character and architecture, is a fascinating testimonial to the pas. Extending over and around its pebble beach, La Grave was the site of the Islands' first settlement as well as the beginning of the archipelago's fishery. You vill find a variety of activities here, all accessible on foot! Restaurants, cafés, shops, museums, marina, theatre, and different events. A new Audioguide Circuit is available year-round at the Musée de la mer. The audio files are also available in English on our Website

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    Le Barbocheux

    The Madelinots always say that "bagosse" is the beer of the Islands, but it is really a traditional home-brewed wine. Le Barbocheux: Artisanal winery. Our products: Bagosse, fortified wine (porto style) and berry liqueurs.

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    Le Verger Poméloi, cidredie-distillerie

    Working in harmony with nature, we take advantage of the exceptional yeast produced by fruits grown in salty sea air. The juice is slowly cold-fermented to bring out the finest flavours and aromas of our apples and honey. We then process our salt-misted fruits to create four elixirs: “l'Enchanteur de pommes,” “le Chouchen,” “l'Escarbille” and “le Pomeloi” (with an apple in the bottle).

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    À l'abri de la Tempête

    À l'abri de la Tempête believes in maximum use of local raw materials in the creation of its beers. We started by using locally malted barley, then moved on to harvesting and using fresh flowers, marine algae and herbs. We use locally-grown ingredients to brew our full-flavoured, distinctive beers. Guided tours, boutique and beer pub on place. Follow us on Facebook !

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    Les Cultures du large

    Passionate of mariculture, Mr Christian Vigneau start fishing as he was fourteen years old. He own it business La Moule du large inc, since more than ten years. The site offshore to farm his mussels and oysters is at seven kilometres from Cap-aux-Meules wharf. It's the only enterprise in North America to use that method for the production of different products. The oyster and mussel managed to distance themselves from other by being juicier with a more salty taste and fleshy consistency. You can get yours at our office at 26 Chemin du Quai at Pointe-Basse wharf in front of the Smoke Herring House. Also, why don't you take the time to discover more on mariculture from the production to your plate by visiting our interpretation center? And by the way, wear the rubber boots and come with us on the boat to visit the farm offshore or in the lagoon and discover how those delicious shellfish are growth.

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Dates and opening hours

  • From June 24, to September 24, 2022

    Sunday to monday :
    Tuesday to saturday :
    17:30 to 20:00, 20:00 to 23:00
Answers to your questions about covid-19 ! For more information