Musée de l'Île d'Entrée

New this year! Traditional and cultural workshops and demonstrations will be available at the Entry Island Historical Museum. Please visit the museum for program information and fees.

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204, chemin Big Hill
Île d'Entrée, G4T 1Z4
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 986-6622 Phone : 418 986-6622 Phone : 418 985-2116 Phone : 418 985-2116

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  • Trap Making Demonstration/Workshop

    Trap Making Demonstration/Workshop

    Watch and learn how a typical Entry Island lobster trap is made. This fun demonstration is suitable for all ages to enjoy! At the end of the demonstration, you will be given the opportunity to paint your very own buoy!

    Detailed rate
    $5.00 (small buoy)
    $15.00 (large buoy)

    Add just $2.00 for the museum tour
    July to September - Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

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Island Entrée Island
We speak Français, English
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    Musées de la petite école rouge et des vétérans

    Come and discover a place where time seems to stand still. The Little Red School House is part of CAMI's Historical Heritage Complex, and is nestled in the small village of Old Harry within the Municipality of Grosse Ile. The Little Red Schoolhouse is a reminder of simpler times where students gathered into a one room schoolhouse to learn their daily lessons. At the Little Red Schoolhouse one can visualize the old classroom with the aid of the existing hardwood floor, chalkboard, and two original desks. Over the years the museum's collection has grown and evolved to include old photographs, stories, and artifacts that help depict days gone by. These items will bring you back in time and give you an inside view of the English speaking community and their way life. Rates : Entrance for two museums (Veteran museum and the Little Red School House) : Adult : $5, 50 years old and older: $5, 11 years old and under: free.

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    La boulangerie de grand-maman

    Inspired by the traditional recipes of our ancestors, Grandma's Bakery produces fresh baked goods daily, including fresh bread, buns, pies, cakes and cookies. Also available at Grandma's Bakery are local preserves, jams and lobster paste. Stop by for a taste of Grosse Ile at Grandma's Bakery!


This company will be open for business during the next summer season. For more information about their opening hours, contact them directly.