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Since 2005, located on the Magdalen Islands, Kite aux Îles leads with a new approach to teaching kitesurfing. Focused on professionalism, safety and quality of service. Kite aux Îles offers private lessons, self-rescuing techniques and six, nine or twelve hour packages. Your success is our mission. Kite aux Îles is the only school in the Magdalen islands to use a bidirectional communication system. Bb Talkin helmet will allow to have hands free and have communication both ways, within a radius of 3000 feet. Bb Talkin give the instructor the capacity to coach the student every second of the lesson, and gives to the student the oportunity to ask questions at any time. If you are getting up on the kiteboard, Bb Taking will bring you a step closer to your goal. Why take a kitesurf lesson with Kite aux Îles? If Mother Nature does not allow you to do all your training hours during your stay in the islands! Why pay for 6 hours or 9 hours, if you can pay for just 3 hours? No commitment to more than 3 hours of training is required to take advantage of the package deal. Pay only the first 3 hours of your training and after you experience our teaching and our expertise, you decide if you want to continue your training, paying only the difference of the package price... For example, a 6-hour package costs $500, pay $275 for the first 3-hour lesson and $225 for the second.

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51, road de La Martinique
L'Étang-du-Nord, G4T 3R6
(Quebec, Canada)

Phone : 418 937-1620 Phone : 418 937-1620

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  • Kitesurf Lesson

    Kitesurf Lesson

    All kitesurf lessons are given strictly in the water.

    Lesson content

    Mounting the kite
    The wind window
    Driving the kite
    Relaunching the kite
    Power of the kite
    The body drag
    The upwind bodydrag
    The power strokes

    Lesson 2
    Lesson content

    Introduction kitesurfer I
    The security and relaunch
    The Kite and board
    The power strokes
    The body position
    The first time on the board
    The releasing of the kite

    Detailed rate
    $175 x student (3 students, 1 kite, 1 instructor)
    $200 x student (2 students, 1 kite, 1 instructor)
    $275 (1 student, 1 kite, 1 instructor, private)

    $500 (275+225) Private
    $350 x 2 students semi-private
    Morning lesson
    From 9am to 12pm

    Afternoon Lesson
    From 1pm to 4pm
    Beginning June to the end of September
  • Length

General information

Managers Juan Herrera
Island Cap aux Meules Island
Nearest Beach La Martinique Beach
Distance from the beach 5 km
We speak Français, English
Payment methods accepted

This company will be open for business during the next summer season. For more information about their opening hours, contact them directly.

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