A creator of creatures

As a little girl, Arthure was shy. Not normal shy. She was very, very shy. Fortunately, sweet fairies passed by her cradle and, one after the other, tapped it softly with their magic wand. The fairies gifted Arthure with everything she would need to express her great sensibility to the world. The magic did the trick - Arthure is now the queen of a tiny kingdom inhabited with dazzling and goofy creatures and visited by distant travellers who've come to meet her.

The first fairy gifted Arthure with the ability to recognize in a gesture, a stance, a look or a sentence the defining character traits and true nature of the people who would cross her path.

The second fairy gave her the dexterity needed to create with her own hands pictures and shapes to express all her ideas and emotions.

The third fairy, quietly, granted her with an adorable sense of humour and a playful smile to keep us all laughing at our flaws, exaggerations and missteps.

Arthure paints, draws, sews, moulds and sculpts this whole universe of creatures. They knock at the door of her imagination, and she gladly lets them in. She captures the likeliness of these eccentric characters on a canvas or fixes their distorted traits in a sculpture. Sometimes, the inspiration also knocks at the door of her art gallery in the form of an unsuspecting visitor, soon to be immortalized!

But do not fret; behind those kind and sparkling eyes lie only good intentions. Arthure always succeeds in making us smile and laugh at the perfectly imperfect humans that we all are.

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