Never without my beignet

Think about THE thing that best represents the Îles de la Madeleine food-wise. Lobsters? Try again! Seal products? Even further from the truth! Smoked fishes? Still a no! All those things, even though they are delicious and quite typical of the Islands, can be found on the mainland. The one thing you don't want to miss out on the Islands and can hardly find elsewhere is the oh-so-tasty beignet (braided fritter)!

And if you're thinking about the ones you can get restaurants chain, you've got it all wrong!

In fact, the beignet (or Banax if you are in the village of Fatima) is a basic bread dough that is braided and cooked in oil, and usually served for breakfast.

With its taste of pure happiness, it is pretty hard to resist the urge of ordering a second one.

Beignet in a brunch plate
Beignet as a side dish
Guillaume and its beignets

Pretty much every local restaurant offering breakfast has beignets on the menu. The real ones will order a plate of 3-4 beignets and a good cup of coffee, but many choose to go with option number 2: "can you please switch my toasts for a beignet" which Guillaume doesn't even need to ask for anymore, before the waitress memorized his order long ago! 

The most adventurous tourist can take up the challenge of trying the different kinds of beignets offered in the various restaurants. We have our favourites (of course!), but we won't spoil it for you — go ahead and try a bunch! It is also pretty interesting to discover the different styles of braiding from one place to another.

But what is a beignet without its sides. It is traditionally served with an egg jam (also called fripette). Here's a hint: don't be fooled by its name, as the taste of the egg jam doesn't have anything to do with eggs! It is actually made of molasses in which eggs have been whisked. If you are more of a sweet tooth, you can opt for a homemade caramel, which is just as good.

Even though a beignet can seem pretty simple according to our description, you need to taste this incredible offering to understand what we really mean. Think about it: we had many of our friends tasting them last summer, and they all changed their schedule so they could eat them once more before leaving. We will thus offer you a plate of beignets when you come and say hi to us!

Finally, know that there is another type of braided fritter unique to the Islands, but this one is way harder to find. Only made in March in Havre-aux-Maisons, the croxignole is cooked in seal oil! The sale of this pastry only lasts one day per year, and within an hour, everything is sold! But that's a whole other story...

Par Guillaume Pitre & Stéphanie Lepage

Born on the “mainland” and residents of the Îles de la Madeleine since a little over a year, the two of us are passionate about adventures, discoveries and gastronomy. It didn't take long for us to become two island lovers who are completely #fousdesiles!

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