Alphiya Joncas

Alphiya Joncas is a visual artist. Through her use of text and photography, Joncas unearths the invisible thread that tethers us to the territory, as if she's finding a trajectory that could connect our different ways of living. In an intimate relationship with the landscape, she explores the relief features of an environment in constant fluctuation. She evokes the undeniable quality of space as refuge. In her photographs, Joncas traces fictional contours and geographies that give the imagination new paths to wander down. Although the vast insular spaces visible in the images respond to each other, they give us no precise clue to the cardinal points under which they were born. The spaces portrayed are detached from their real geographic situation, leaving their forms and textures to speak out and tell us, gently, that they are the ones guiding us.

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325, road du Quai
Cap-aux-Meules, G4T 1J4
(Quebec, Canada)

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Managers Alphiya Joncas
Island Cap aux Meules Island
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  • From May 10, to September 30, 2022

    Sunday :
    10:00 to 17:00
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    Tuesday to saturday :
    10:00 to 17:00
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