Dune de l'Ouest (west dune) Beach / Corfu Beach

Dune de l'Ouest (west dune) Beach / Corfu Beach

A nice beach to walk and often used by windsurfers and kitesurfers.
This beach is also known as the Corfu beach. This is a reference to the shipwreck of the Corfu Island, in 1963. Remnants of the wreckage can be seen from the beach.
Spectacular sunsets!

Length: 8.7 km
Winds: Sheltered from East winds.
Access to the parking lot by Chemin Coulombe and at the end of Chemin Delaney.


Beware of strong sea currents on windy days and the Corfu Island wreck..


Launching sites CAM 4 and 5.


Launching site S6.
Good spot for waves when moderate to strong winds blow from North-Northwest.
Levels: Intermediate and Expert